What Dental Implants Can Do for You
July 02, 2019
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Are you missing teeth? Have you broken teeth from an injury or accident? If you are wishing for a more complete smile, get help now with dental implantdental implants from Carl Tegtmeier, DMD, in Mount Kisco, NY.

Below are some frequently asked questions about dental implants to get you started:


What are dental implants?

Dental implants are metal supports that are designed to fit into the gums, right where tooth roots used to be. There, implants are affixed to the jawbone, creating an incredibly stable base for artificial teeth to be set up. These tooth replacements are made to match your natural teeth in both appearance and feel, thus creating a totally natural-looking smile upon completion.

Dental implants can be used in your whole mouth to make dentures permanent, or they can be used to fix one or two missing teeth.


How do dental implants work?

When you decide to get dental implants from our Mount Kisco office, you should know that the process is relatively long and does require some surgery. The whole schedule may look something like the following:

  • Initial appointment: This may involve removal of broken teeth, and gum preparation for dental implant placement.
  • Implementation appointment: Local anesthetic is administered for comfort while the dental implants are put into the gums.
  • Healing period: Lasting from 6-12 months, this period is when the metal support literally fuses with the jawbone.
  • Follow-up appointment: After the implants have fused to the jawbone, artificial teeth are placed on the implants, completing the restoration.


Is oral care different for dental implants?

The care of your teeth after dental implants is just as important as it is for natural teeth. As recommended by the American Dental Association, you should always brush twice a day and floss once a day for a healthy grin.


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