Reasons You Might Need A Dental Crown
February 20, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
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Crowns can be used for treating everything from cavities to tooth injuries. Crowns can be made of metal, porcelain, or a combination of both. Basically, they act as a cover over the teeth to protect and help strengthen them. They likewise restore damaged teeth to their original shape and appearance.

Millions of people get dental crowns every year, but how can you determine if you should be one of them? A consultation with your family dentist in Mount Kisco, NY, Dr. Carl Tegtmeier, is the most efficient way of determining whether a crown is right for you. Generally speaking, however, below are common reasons why people get crowns.

To Support a Fractured or Broken Tooth

If you’re suffered an injury and are feeling severe pain, there’s a chance that your tooth may have a fracture that you can’t see. If this is the case, a dental crown can help strengthen and support your injured tooth and keep it intact.

To Anchor a Dental Bridge

If you have one or a couple of missing teeth, your dentist might use a bridge to restore them. You will then need crowns for anchoring the bridge. The crowns will be placed on either side of the bridge and on top of the teeth adjacent to the gap, giving sufficient support to the bridge.

To Treat a Severe Cavity

If you have a severe or advanced cavity, a crown might be a better treatment than a standard filling because your tooth might not be strong enough to support a filling. However, it will be up to your family dentist in Mount Kisco, NY, to decide whether a filling or crown will be better for you based on your tooth’s condition.

To Support a Root Canal

Your dentist will need to get rid of all the decay in your tooth roots in order to effectively get rid of all the decayed parts. This process can weaken your tooth. Fortunately, a dental crown can help keep your tooth’s structural integrity intact.

To Provide Support to a Weakened Tooth

Your tooth can be weakened due to many different reasons. Whether from enamel erosion, decay, or an injury, a weakened tooth could be painful and bothersome. A dental crown’s primary function is to safeguard and strengthen a tooth so it will be perfect in this situation. Having a crown fitted over a weak tooth would likewise enable you to clean your teeth and chew your food without having to worry about further damage or pain.

Think you might need a dental crown?

If you’re experiencing any of the warning signs mentioned above, give Dr. Carl Tegtmeier’s practice in Mount Kisco, NY a call. Arrange an appointment with our family dentist by dialing (914) 241-2069.