A Lost Tooth Affects Your Whole Smile
November 29, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

A smile gap changes your appearance, your outlook and how the world perceives you. Also, tooth loss impacts the strength and position of dental implantsyour remaining teeth. Learn how tooth replacement with dental implants from Dr. Carl Tegtmeier in Mount Kisco, NY fills smile gaps and avoids the harmful effects of tooth loss.

Dental implants do it all

They look natural, they feel natural and they stay in place for decades. How do dental implants do all that? These artificial teeth are anchored by titanium metal screws strategically placed right into the jaw bone. Through a process known as osseointegration, an implant and the jaw bone meld together, creating an inseparable bond and strong foundation for a metal post and customized porcelain crown.

Placed in multiples, dental implants support bridges, partial dentures, full fixed dentures and full removable dentures, making implants the most versatile tooth replacements available today. Additionally, common problems of denture slippage, bone and gum deterioration and prematurely aged facial appearance disappear. While initially more costly than other options, dental implants cost less in the long run because they rarely fail or need replacement.

Placing implants

Dr. Tegtmeier carefully evaluates his prospective implant patients in Mount Kisco. Using visual inspection, digital X-rays and three-dimensional imaging, your dentist ensures you have sufficient jaw bone to support a dental implant. If you do, the oral surgery takes place in two stages:

  1. Incision of gums and insertion of the implant into the jaw, followed by healing and osseointegration
  2. Placement of the post and crown

After placement, the patient cares for his or her new tooth with diligent brushing and flossing at home and with in-office cleanings and exams. The patient also avoids smoking if possible because tobacco causes peri-implantitis, an infection resembling gum disease. This infection often necessitates implant removal.

However, the vast majority of dental implants--95 percent, states the Institute for Dental Implant Awareness--stay in place, function and beautify smiles for a lifetime. With dental implants, you can count on a smile that's amazingly close to perfectly natural.

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Don't let a lost tooth weaken your smile and self-esteem. Replace it with a stunning dental implant from Dr. Tegtmeier in Mount Kisco, NY. For a convenient consultation, call his staff at (914) 241-2069.